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Working together with our partners for Hoonah City Schools and Students

Huna Totem Corporation, City of Hoonah, Royal Caribbean International, Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings, SnowCloud Services

June 29, 2020

Huna Totem Corporation is partnering with Royal Caribbean Cruises and Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings, along with the City of Hoonah and SnowCloud Services to support Hoonah City Schools.  The 2020-2021 school year will begin September 10th but will need access to an online platform, and thus internet connectivity will be vitally important.

Working together, the partnership identified the needs and solutions for the students. The program offers the Hoonah City Schools the necessary PC hardware and internet access equipment, expands broadband access and increases points of service throughout Hoonah, puts laptops in the hands of students who need them, and is working to support internet services fee.

Hoonah City Schools Board President Harold Houston thanked the City, Huna Totem, Norwegian, Royal Caribbean and SnowCloud for their support, saying “It will be really helpful to the schools and students, especially as none of us were prepared for what hit us with COVID-19.”

Each partner of the Hoonah City Schools’ initiative is financially committed to the success of the program. Huna Totem Corporation and Norwegian Cruise Line have each committed $10,000 to the project, the City of Hoonah appropriated $30,000 and Royal Caribbean Cruises purchased 35 Dell laptops that will be delivered in July.  The combined effort is $50,000 plus 35 computers.  Along with SnowCloud Services’ discounts the combined contribution is estimated at more than $80,000 to Hoonah City Schools.

“Technology unlocks opportunity for our community,” said Russell Dick, Chief Executive Officer of Huna Totem Corporation. “We are proud to support our students and keep our schools here in Hoonah digitally up-to-date.”

Hoonah City Manager Dennis Gray added “We are happy to partner with our local village corporation and the cruise lines to help our schools get through this crisis.”

Royal Caribbean Cruises and Norwegian Cruise Line are longtime supporters of Hoonah and Icy Strait Point.  Royal Caribbean Cruises was the first major cruise line to commit its ships to Hoonah.  Norwegian Cruise Line is a significant investor in the newest developments at Icy Strait Point. Together their commitment to the community and its needs extends beyond the economic activity that is generated from their visitors.  During this pandemic, they have continued working to support Hoonah City Schools and the community even as their sailing schedules have been largely canceled for the 2020 Alaska summer season.   

About Icy Strait Point

Icy Strait Point is a wholly owned and operated subsidiary of Huna Totem Corporation, the village corporation owned by approximately 1,400 Alaska Native shareholders with aboriginal ties to Hoonah and the Glacier Bay area. It is located 35 miles west of Juneau and 22 miles from Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve.